Wing GCS

Series 1

Focus on the Job

Not the piloting

The Wing GCS is a fully integrated Ground Control Station. It provides a comprehensive set of ground based systems for UAVs (drones), ROVs and remote manipulators.

A unique human interface, integrated computer and telemetry systems, large outdoor screen, and quick-release leg assembly provide a single unit for planning and piloting the mission, analysing data, and delivering results.

With the Wing GCS, you have a complete outdoor workstation wherever you are. There is no need to wait until you are back in the office before processing flight data.

  • Command and control of remote vehicles and systems

  • Rugged, portable and self-contained

  • Fitted with integrated joysticks and mode switches,telemetry systems, or other components as required

  • Outdoor viewable 24" screen with wide viewing angle to easily  for viewing camera feeds and flight data

  • Options include a powerful internal computer for real-time image processing; or an integrated docking station for a Panasonic Toughbook or other laptop.

Plan, Fly, Process, Decide

Wing GCS Series 1

A 24" screen that is clearly visible in any lighting conditions avoids the need for sun-shades and constant panning an zooming to focus on the detail.


Clients and team members can see the subject in crisp detail, and decisions can be made without delay. The whole team is involved and any opportunity for error is reduced.


Rugged, self-contained unit

The Wing GCS is a self-contained system that is fast to set-up. It features an internal computer running ground station software and full-featured data analysis applications to provide the capabilities that are usually reserved for the office.

We can supply the Wing GCS with a  variety of internal computers, or integrate your own systems. Options vary from low-cost Intel Atom based units, to high performance systems based on Nvidia Cuda graphics processors.

Integrated folding legs fit inside the case for transportation and storage, and the whole system can be quickly adjusted to provide a comfortable sitting or standing workstation.


Bespoke Design

Worthington Sharpe have been involved in the UAV business since 1998. We listen to what customers want and design bespoke systems to suit.

Our standard system is built inside an IP67 rated case. We then fit an internal frame and high-quality components. A typical layout consists of:

  • Internal computer

  • Telemetry

  • Industrial keyboard

  • Secondary Joystick

  • Integrated folding legs


Human-Centered Design

Human-machine interfaces start with the human. The Wing GCS gives you the tools to plan the mission, pilot the drone and delivery results without leaving the flying site.

An industrial keyboard, optional Wing Control Device, flight-mode switch and configurable toggle switches make flying and data-processing as seamless as possible.

A 24" 1100 nit display with a wide viewing angle give more clarity to every job.


There is no need to struggle with small or dull displays that are hard to read outside.

  • Review video footage with confidence

  • Aerial inspection image reveal small details

  • Display large maps at high resolution

High-Definition, Sunlight-Readable Display

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