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All Weather Drone Command & Control Station

The Fulmar Command and Control (C2) Station is designed for remotely operated vehicles and robotic equipment.


It was originally designed as a counter-drone solution and is built around a bespoke case that is weatherproof in operation with the option to integrate multiple rack-mount or industrial fanless computers. Cooling hatches and an airflow system allow high performance computer and graphics processors to be fitted.


Unconstrained processing power, wherever you are, whatever the weather.

Fulmar Command Station Azerbaijan 02.png

Workstation Computing Power

Integrated internal computer system optimised for reliability and processing image and LiDAR data. Rack mount (2u) expansion options for adding additional cost-effective
processing capabilities not normally possible in field-deployable systems.

Four fans are fitted into the rear panel, each with a rated airflow of 9.4 m³/h. The fans vent through a hatch on the rear of the Wing Command Station, and air is drawn in through a hatch on the front. Additional fans can be fitted if required. The hatches are designed for efficient airflow while retaining weather resistance.

The combination of the rugged case and cooling system enables high-performance computer and graphics processing that would not normally be possible outside of an office environment.


Fulmar Commaand Station Azerbaijan Close

Case dimensions can be adapted, and the internal layout modified to meet the mission requirements. Features include:

  • High reliability through redundancy of multiple computers and internal hot-swappable backup batteries to allow operations for extended periods.

  • Future-proof design with adaptable internal frame for easy and cost-effective upgrades and use with different air vehicle systems.

  • Optional patented six-degree-of-freedom Wing control device allows seamless transition between system operation and manual vehicle piloting. A single operator is able to control multiple aircraft effectively and safely.


The Fulmar Command Station is built to order, so we can prepare the ideal solution that meets your requirements.  Typical specifications are shown below:

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