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Dual Screen Command & Control Station

Command and Control


Nightjar Command Station Railway Inspsection

The Nightjar Command and Control (C2) Station features dual screens, independent system bays and hot-swappable batteries give you everything that you need in the field.

  • Rugged, portable and built into an IP65  Peli™ case.

  • Dual sunlight viewable screens for viewing camera feeds and flight data

  • Options include a powerful internal computer, or an integrated docking station for a Panasonic Toughbook

  • Fitted with integrated joysticks and mode switches, telemetry systems, or other components as required

Office capabilities in the field

Capturing the data is only half the battle; processing it and making decisions is where the real challenge lies. The Wing Command Station provides the tools that you rely on in the office, right there on site.

Built around a rugged, IP67 rated Peli™ case, it features an independent dual-screen module, and three separate compartments in the base. Dual hot-swappable batteries are fitted into the left-hand compartment; the centre compartment holds a fanless computer, or laptop docking station; and the right-had compartment is available for telemetry or, other customer-defined components.

Nightjar Command Station.jpg

Results, not Data

Nightjar Command Station Site Survey

Drones offer compelling benefits that need the right kind of support. The Wing Command Station brings workstation capabilities into the field to make use of the images, video and data in real-time and realise maximum value from the investment.

The system, is rugged and adaptable and built to enhance the value of remotely operated vehicles.


The Nightjar Command Station is built to order, so we can prepare the ideal solution that meets your requirements.  Typical specifications are shown below:

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