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Merlin GCS

weatherproof & portable Ground Control Station for laptop & tablet computers

Flexible Outdoor Workstation

Transform a standard laptop or tablet computer into a rugged Ground Control Station (GCS). The tough case keeps the computer protected from the weather and a large sunlight viewable display and useful work platform avoids the limitations of rugged laptops.

  • ​Secure mounting points for fitting standard laptop (upto 15") or tablet computer with shock-mounts and secure straps

  • Waterproof in operation (IP53 expected)

  • Optional cooling system for high-powered computers.

  • Combine multiple units as required

  • Optional joystick and flight-mode switches

  • Industrial keyboard

  • HDMI video input & output

  • Optional telemetry pods

  • Integrated legs or 5/8” tripod mount

  • Suitable for easy air travel

Merlin Ground Control Station


Each Merlin GCS is built to order, and we can change the size of the case, battery, computer mounts and telemetry configuration.

Typical specifications are shown below:

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