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Kestrel GCS

Portable & powerful Ground Control Station

Modular GCS Solution

The Kestrel GCS is compact enough to be easily transported, while providing a useful work platform and offering a large sunlight viewable display. The weatherproof cooling system means high-powered computer systems can be fitted for fast on-site data processing.

  • Rack-mount internal computers

  • Optional Wing Control device

  • Secondary joystick and flight-mode switches

  • Industrial keyboard

  • HDMI and analogue video inputs

  • Optional telemetry and aerial pods

  • Integrated legs or 5/8” tripod mount

  • Optional off-road wheels

  • Suitable for easy air travel

  • ​Combine multiple units as required

Kestrel GCS Air-transportable GCS


Each Kestrel GCS is built to order, and we can change the size of the case, battery, computer mounts and telemetry configuration.

Typical specifications are shown below:

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