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Custom Ground Control Stations

Wing GCS - ERL Robotics League
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In addition to our standard products, we offer systems built into plastic Peli™ style cases, and we also build fully customisable aluminium and glass-fibre honeycomb case designed around the internal components.

Whatever the project, we start by working to gain a detailed understanding of customer requirements​. This is then worked around our core design principles:

  • Rugged and built for the real world

  • Human-centric

  • Easy to repair and maintain

  • Integrated with customer work-flows

  • Precision engineered

Offshore & Subsea Engineering

Subsea Connector.JPG

Our experience is diverse and we continue to offer consultancy and contract design services in offshore and subsea engineering. We have special interests in drone-based inspection of offshore assets and plugging and abandonment of oil wells using bismuth alloys.

Offshore engineering presents particular challenges, and this work helps give us an understanding of the environmental conditions and the demands on equipment and operators.

Product Development

Gas Turbine Jig.png

Worthington Sharpe was founded as a product development business and we have developed expertise in subsea, offshore and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV or drone) technologies. We also continue to offer more general product development services to a select range of customers. If you have a particularly challenging project, we'd love to hear from you.

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