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Wing Control Device
Worthington Sharpe


Unprecedented freedom of movement from a desk-based control system.


The lower part contains the laser mouse sensor; the upper part attaches via a precision slide and pivot mechanism to provide pitch, roll and z-height movement. Further control is then added through the under-slung yaw-bar positioned towards the front, giving a total of six-degrees of freedom.

Wing Mouse Movements.png


Each aspect of the Wing is designed to seamlessly transfer movement to the sensors.


The Wing was designed to address the needs of users who require the speed and accuracy of a a high-end mouse for pointing and selection tasks along with full 3D control.

Drone Piloting

DSC_0015 Team Reviewing Mission - Copy.J

The Wing brings together control of system operation, aircraft piloting, and gimbal control on Uninhabited Aerial Vehicles (UAV, UAS, RPAS or drone) into a single unit: One hand is in control of the mouse pointer and manual piloting or camera gimbal control; the other hand is free to operate aircraft systems through the keyboard or custom control panel.

  • Aircraft can be directed simply by pre-defining waypoints and then adjusting them as required during the mission.

  • Integrated 4-axis joystick functionality for simultaneous mission planner operation, camera gimbal control, flight path adjustments, or full manual piloting.

  • Joystick functions recognised by APM Planner 2.0, Ardupilot Mission Planer, DJI Ground Station, and any ground station software that supports standard joystick inputs.

  • Familiar computer mouse shape, speed and accuracy reduces the learning curve allowing the operator to focus on the job rather than piloting the aircraft.

  • Available as part of the Wing GCS or ready to integrate with an independent Ground Control Station

Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) Control

ROVs require the control of numerous functions and the Wing is ideally suited to simultaneous control of multiple axes. The internal joystick mechanism offers 4-degrees of freedom for thruster control. Meanwhile, the mouse function can be mapped to the the manipulator arm or other functions. One hand is left free for control of a second joystick or operation of other systems.


Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) Control

  • Direct control of pitch, roll and yaw through the Wing’s internal joystick function.

  • Proportional mapping of the manipulator arm through the mouse pointer for accuracy and speed beyond what is possible with a joystick.

  • Joystick axes are fully ball-raced and the non contact sensors do not drift or wear.

  • We can integrate the Wing with most control systems, or offer it as a standalone control console as with Wing GCS for where there is no control room available.

  • Controls can be mapped to ROV functions as required

ROV Control.jpg

Virtual and Augmented Reality

VR Headset.png
  •  3D interaction capabilities that complement immersion in the virtual world.

  • It can also be used for full control of both view and movement but without the constraints of a headset.

  • None of the fatigue problems associated with gesture-based systems.

Computer Aided Design (CAD) Software

The Wing provides the user with one-handed control the cursor with the precision of of a high-performance mouse and simultaneous control of the view. The other hand is free for entering dimensional information or for keyboard commands.


Careful design of the internal spring-loaded gimbal means each movement direction has a clearly defined centre-point and can be control discretely or in combination without inadvertently making slight adjustments in an unintended direction. This is not possible with a ball or floating-spring type of 3D mouse.


We are currently focusing on the drone and robotic vehicle applications for the Wing, and aware of the demand from CAD users. If you would like to contact us to register your interest, we will let you know when we have made further developments for CAD applications. This is not a mailing list, and if you let us know your specific CAD application and reasons behind your interest in the Wing, that will help us get back to you at the right time.

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