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Fulmar Command Station Azerbaijan 02.png

Fulmar Command Station

All-weather Command and Control

Focus on the job

not the piloting

​Pilots and operators of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs or drones), and other robotic vehicles, need tools to plan and fly the mission; then to analyse the data and make decisions. Worthington Sharpe offer tools so you can complete the job faster and with total confidence in the results.

Wing GCS - ERL Robotics League
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Fulmar Command Station

All-weather command and control with high-performance computing

Fulmar Command Station Azerbaijan 02.png

Nightjar Command Station

Dual-screen command and control station built inside a Pelicase.

Wing Command Station Railway Inspsection

Kestrel GCS

Expandable, module-based system design to fit in standard overhead airline lockers.

Kestrel GCS

Custom Engineered Ground Control Stations

Fully-bespoke ground control stations for use with all types of remotely operated systems.


Wing Control Device

Six-degree-of-freedom control device offering computer mouse precision and 4-axis joystick control.

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